Why I Meet 10 New People Every Month

The TL;DR? Because it’s one of the main drivers which helped me to grow Hedgehog Agency.

The Longer? Read on.

The unknown remains just that, until it’s known.

If I’ve got 10 rocks in front of me, and I know that each of them has something mysterious underneath, then why wouldn’t I turn them over?

This is where the general sales mantra of, “It’s all about the numbers, bro” and a general life attribute of, “be nice to people and they’ll be nice back” intersect. It’s amazing what happens when you take the time to say hello to someone.

Today, someone may be asking me for marketing advice. Tomorrow, they may be asking me and my team to be the agency of record for their new company.

Today, they may be asking me for business advice. Tomorrow, they may be looking for a new board member or advisor.

Today, they may be looking at a new career. Tomorrow, they may have found that new career and want to celebrate with me. These are my favourite.

Now, it’s not all about receiving something in return. I don’t have any expectations from the people I meet. I simply hope for one thing — to provide them with value.

If that value is present, then hopefully they remember me. And I’ll remember them. And then one day — we’ll be in the same room together.

It’s not just in official ‘meeting’ environments, though. It might be over a cheeky early morning breakfast before work, or it might be while I’m waiting for my happy hour drink to be served in the line at happy hour on a Friday.

Let’s take a look at Hedgehog today. There’s 11 of us here full time. Of the 11, five of the team members I had known at a previous time in my life. And, stayed in touch. And now, we’re all back in the same room, working together to achieve a group goal, with the various different experiences we’ve absorbed during our time apart.

So, want to catch up and chew the fat? Give me a bell.