What it’s like to work with my brother

“I’m going to fart on you,” said the person who, twenty-five years later, would become my business partner. My brother Josh and I started Hedgehog Agency in my apartment back in December 2016. Today, we’re a company of 11 awesome people with offices on Chapel Street. When we first started our company, many people warned us about starting a business with a sibling. “You’ll never talk again,” they said. Well, two years later and the only fight we’ve had was about whether to get burgers or Mexican for lunch. (Mexican won). Sure, I was scared that working with Josh would result in him putting snails in my food and framing me for cutting the couch with scissors (again). But, in fact, it’s kind of, not that bad at all.

Here’s 5 reasons why it’s sort of okay to work with the person who once smashed a banana into my forehead on purpose:

1. Free food forever!

When we first started Hedgehog, my brother Josh had the genius idea of creating a PR stunt so clever, that it would help to win our first commissioned work. He used Google AdWords’ and landing pages to turn $1.24 into $1000 over UberEats credit. The stunt resulted in us winning five clients, media coverage all over the world and the best part, free smashed avocado delivered, whenever I wanted it.

2. He’s great at hiring people that are better than me

I have to admit, that Josh has a knack for finding the best people in the industry — and turning them into Hedgehogs. He wins people over with his big ideas, nurturing attitude (yet giving them the freedom to form their own paths) and by treating them really, really, well (I’m talking plentiful free food, escape rooms and bowling all the time). Just look at our team and you’ll see what I mean. From incredible copywriters to extremely talented designers to the smartest marketers I’ve ever met — our employees all come from big agency or company backgrounds and have formed together to start something really special and unique.

3. People only have to remember one surname

Not only do Josh and I share the same last name, but we also require all our staff to legally change their surnames to Berg before joining us. Well, not really, but our team do often joke that they feel like we’re all related –part of one big family. I think this has something to do with the fact that we’re all so passionate about Hedgehog. It’s each and every one of our babies and we’re so dedicated about growing it into something amazing. That, and we always bring our mum into the office.

4. He’s the opposite of me

Even though we’re related, we couldn’t be more different. He’s left brain. I’m the epitome of right. Together we make one complete brain — which is always useful!

5. He keeps me ethically in-check

Here at Hedgehog, we don’t take on any clients that directly sell meat or milk — and we’re constantly striving to take on clients that are changing the world and doing good. This is driven by Josh, and it’s thanks to him that we have many clients that operate in circles of social, medical and environmental change, such as ASX-listed medical cannabis company, MGC Pharmaceuticals, corporate social responsibility strategists, Doing Good Rewards, and a host of vegan-based produce specialists, including The Vegan Dairy.

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