The game that inspires a growth mindset, that Hedgehog Agency plays every week

Each week at Hedgehog Agency we go for lunch on Friday.

We find a local haunt to stuff (usually) greasy foods down our throats. Sometimes there’s chilli oil, sometimes there’s soy sauce and sometimes there’s beer. But there’s always, always enough chips to go around.

But, what makes our Friday lunch different? We play a game. While it’s not particularly challenging or innovative, I see more smiles and laughs around the table than I do at any other point in the week.

But, why do we play this game? Because positive feedback is something to be celebrated amongst the team. All too often positive feedback is delivered in a closed room, with no windows, on the 37th floor of an office building.

At Hedgehog, we prefer to deliver our feedback over a pizza, with the entire team present, in a multi-directional manner.

So, how does the game work? Pretty simple actually. Each person takes a turn to say a compliment for someone else around the table. The person to receive a compliment is to give the next. No one can receive more than one compliment.

Positive feedback is not a one way street.

Okay, so there were probably a few too many assumptions in the above. Let’s get a little more real.

Whether it’s at irregular or regular intervals, positive feedback tends to move from one person to another — and rarely finds its way back in a role reversal. When there are two people in a room, often a staff member and their manager, positive feedback tends to only be delivered from the manager. The compliment game gives our staff an opportunity to share positive feedback, when they usually wouldn’t.

Successes are to be celebrated.

Someone did something good? YES! Tell them! Tell everyone! Let’s celebrate the good work over some food and drink. By acknowledging successes in an open forum, it encourages people to open up and share the positive notes they’ve experienced in the last week, leading to continued success and efficiency.

Sharing is caring. But mostly growing.

It’s always a nice feeling receiving positive feedback. It’s like a warm, nourishing soup has slid down your throat, entered your belly and nourished your soul. But that’s just for one soul, not the whole team of souls. By playing the compliment game, we go around the circle and say a compliment for each person in the office. Or, we all just compliment one person, for different reasons, because of what they’ve achieved in the last week.

This way, everyone in the team is privy to the good doings of everyone else. This gives everyone an opportunity to learn and grow, together with the team.

We’re always only ever one piece of bad news away from having a bad day.

Smiles all ‘round is a good thing, not a bad thing. Bad days come around every so often, and the more good news there is, then the more smiles there are. What is it that they say? Smile more and you’ll feel better? Smile more and you’ll emit happiness to those around you? Smiles are just like yawns. They’re both done with your mouth and they’re both damn contagious. And a happy team is a productive team.

And lastly, it’s not called Fri-yay for no reason.

It’s Fri-yay, and every Fri-yay is something to celebrate. Or at least that’s what Rebecca Black told me. And I like Rebecca Black.

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